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disclaimer * philosophical post

what is your everyday like?  is it ho hum, is it non stop, is it amazing from start to finish?  do you wonder about other's lives or is it just me?  if you are reading this blog (and others) then you must think about it, wonder what so and so is up to, what exciting stuff is happening in what's their names life.  in todays world of 'let's see what everyone and their mother is up to' (literally) i sometimes feel a bit like a bore, a little mundane, yes - dull.  a great friend of mine however, reminds me quite often that what seems to come easily and naturally to me - dull in a way, something that does not seem different or out of the ordinary, is in fact amazing.  what we see is not what everyone else sees.  how could it be?  we don't see ourselves in what we see, but we are in what others see.  yikes, that sounds a bit philosophical doesn't it!

i felt like encouraging you - place your everyday life before God as an offering.  Romans 12:1

you'd be surprised what others see