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island inspired photography

capturing mine*

can i admit something?  i am a photographer who enjoys capturing candid moments (no that is not the admission) it is that i have never had my own family photo session. i know, big news!  anyway... recently i was asked to photograph a canadian photographer and her family while in barbados on holiday and we thought it would be great to exchange sessions, and i am so happy we did. i did learn how uncomfortable being in front the camera is (i knew this before, so i guess i was reminded) how nerve wracking it is to find something for everyone to wear, how nerve wracking it is for everyone to make a nice face (tye) and feeling like you are not too sure the photographer got anything worth saving!  it was a great lesson and experience. {all images by picture-esc photography} with my little 'do-dahs' added!

thank you so much shannon for getting me from behind the camera and capturing what i love to see, just this time, with my special loved ones making up the images!