sofie warren


island inspired photography


what a weekend - battling a cold, dance competitions and appreciating dads - it was full.  and this week is much of the same.  there are certain things that get done better quicker without extra people in tow and this is my last full week of lone-some-ness.  don't get me wrong, i love, love, love summer, but things need to get done, get finished and get thrown away before my attention is fully occupied with beach days, picnic dinners and family time (sounds so idealist doesn't it?). well, it is class trip time of the year and that is a pretty good reminder of one of the many reasons why i love not being in the corporate world of two-week-holidays and requesting-time-off, so i can tag along, learn and watch...  last week we went to a ginnery

from this to that

i think they all enjoyed themselves and i'm ready to go and plant some cotton!