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do more - hang

in this very digital age, we tend to forget about doing more with our digital images and we tend to forget about them on our camera or computer until, maybe, a special occasion or, dreadfully, the camera breaks!  i am guilty of this.  i procrastinate printing and i have more than just one or two empty frames around the house.  i am trying to change that.  i have a few nice, big, white frames, with wide, white matte bookmarked in my online wish list (like these): IMG_9362.jpg

i'll let you know when my wish comes true!  but in the mean time...

i have a small stack of small prints mounted like this one i have this canvas hanging in the kids' bathroom (no, this is not one of my kids, but it is one of my favourites and had it printed ages ago)

i had a review of 2011 printed on canvas as well

and sometimes, you just have to be casual about it - this is in my office and takes me back to nursery school days <3

do more with those beautiful images - hang them up, display them!