sofie warren


island inspired photography


for some reason, there are two things i have never encouraged with my kids - play dough and dying easter eggs.  do you think it is the mess factor?  i am messy - i don't like mess - i just can't help create it when i am, well... 'creating'!  however, for some reason, my kids are gifted these contraband and i have to surrender - i wouldn't want to deprive them now, would i?

i am pleased to say that not much mess was made and it did not last as long as i had feared (did i mention i don't like the smell of eggs either?  the smell lingered a bit longer than i would have liked)i think i had more fun decorating the carton...and just to please myself, i decided to try the tie-dye method i saw on pinterest because they just looked so pretty.  mine did not come out quite as good, but at least i made the effort.