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goodbye february...

what you taught me:

* i am hopeless about sending out christmas cards - is it surprising you that i am only now learning this and it is the end of the second month of the year?  i am so busy at christmas that i said i would send out a new year greeting - well it's still not done (don't tell rob)

* i get more done when i have deadlines (i knew this already, it was just re-confirmed)

* i love alone time

* some kids just have ants-in-their-pants, they can't help it

* i need to change up somewhere in the house - i need that every now and then, and its time

* watching kids dance is just the cutest

* i need to live on antihistamines to get through this time of year

* dreams are powerful

* attitude is everything

* the 29th of february just makes things seem odd

hope you learned something exciting!

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