sofie warren


island inspired photography

near & far

i always find that i get most quiet when things in my life are hectic and when i am not quite sure what to say.  in the physical world i tend to blurt things out and regret them after however, in the virtual world i can write and re-write. i sit and day dream.  i string words together just to unstitch them a moment later.  i revert back to just an image, don't bother to say anything and sometimes i'm okay with that.  and sometimes i'm not.  why do i blog?  yes, to share my work.  but more importantly to make a connection.  to inspect my flaws and visualize my growth.  to capture my inner voice. as i passed a beautiful window to the sea the other day i thought how far away it felt.  yes it was close in proximity but not accessible at the time.  but then i thought, it is never far away - nothing is.  someone may be far away from us, but aren't they actually close to us - in our hearts?


as much as i may sometimes be quiet and seem far away, i am in fact right here, maybe a bit too close...