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i had the pleasure of photographing a family this past weekend.  it was very last minute, it was arranged by a third party and i had never meet them before.  on one hand this freaks me out but on the other there is a feeling of excitement to meet a new set of people.  i did know that they wanted traditional family pictures and it was at a beautiful location and a beautiful afternoon.  what i did not expect was for this image to captivate me:

you may look at it and think, "umm, a few rocks and shells on a chair?  ho hum."

but to me, i want to know so many things...

who picked them up?

was it one of the two little girls, their mother or grandmother?  maybe their grandfather

were they just randomly picked up or selected one by one, each for their own beauty?

will they be forgotten treasures when they return home, left to be thrown back in the sea or will they be added to a collection of 'island treasures' back home?

they were not placed neatly in a row, in the perfect spot to be photographed, colour coordinated and lined up by size - but they were just as you see them, quietly sitting in the afternoon sun.

i will include the image in their gallery - who knows - will it be glanced over and forgotten or bring back a warm memory.  i have no idea, but i saw them and they spoke to me.