sofie warren


island inspired photography


my grandmother turned 91 today.  i had plans to visit her and in my mad scramble that is my morning routine, i remembered to grab my camera as i went out the door.  i wanted to capture something of her today but did not know what or how i would awkwardly go about it.  but you know what, life just happens.  she took up her book for the fifth time and it hit me - the book.  the book that is her memory, her reminder, her comforter.  i told her i wanted to snap some pictures of her hibiscus and she passed it off as she went back to her book.  she did not even notice as i quietly lingered behind her.  she noted that i came to visit and we went back to discussing where my kids were and how yes, today was tuesday, march 12th, her birthday.  it is always good to remember, with love.