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remembering : your favourite place

those close to me (and maybe even those a little further away) know that i do not keep stuff.  the less 'stuff' the better.  every now and then my kids will ask where a certain piece of their 'art' has gone and i get a pang of guilt.  no, i have not kept every scribble, every finger painting.  do i wish i had?  kind of.  if i had been more organised and scanned them and made them into nice neat books, maybe.  but my boys have not shared my love of art in the way of drawings and paintings on sheets of paper.  tye is definitely more interested in three dimensions and dancing and crazy antics.  and toby... well, he has this thing with words that makes him sound as if he knows it all and is a professor.  so although i did not keep every scribble, i am keeping his stories and this one felt special: MY FAVOURITE PLACE IN THE WORLD

For this I have chosen my head. Head as in brain, imagination, that kind of thing. The reason I love it so much is that all the kids in my neighbourhood don’tlike the things I like. So to compensate I spend time thinking up stories, plans, strategies and other things. It’s also the only place my brother Tye can’t bug me so that’s a bonus. I can imagine I am a British machine gunner sitting in a trench or a Roman Centurion commanding his legion. I love being there. I can do anything I want. It’s just so wonderful and inviting, oh how I love it!

TOBY WARREN (11 years)