sofie warren


island inspired photography


i have been thinking a lot and since i am a terrible multi-tasker, i have been quiet here.  well its not that bad, i can think and write, i guess it is more of a case of thinking too much and therefore not knowing really what to write.  this happens to me periodically and as much as it bothers me, it's just me.  for those of you experiencing the change of seasons around now, you may be feeling a freshness, a newness - be thankful.  as much as i love my warm breezes all year round, i do wish for a change of season every now and then, maybe i would then have something to blame my mood on.  so i find myself doing things just-to-keep-up, all the while studying - where-am-i-going, new-ideas, whats-for-dinner, what-am-i-going-to-do-with-the-boys-for-two-and-a-half-weeks-off...  i don't want to just-keep-up... i was excited however when i picked up my family 2011 canvas.  i have been a bit behind in my annual photo collage but i am all fired up again since getting this one done!  what a year...