sofie warren


island inspired photography

thursday together

we took the day "off" yesterday.  the kids were getting off for the easter holidays and we thought we better get in a day together.  it was great, just what we love doing - exploring.  st john is not a place i drive through often, although i do know the woodsy area well as i always stare at it while driving by...

for an island girl, there is something about the country that i love, i guess the breeze and warmth make it 'island country'

and you know i am always looking out for treasures, and treasures we found

and then we headed to the coast for lunch.  we had heard of a place that is popular on thursdays and when we got there, we nearly turned around.  we did not see much and wondered what everyone was going on about, but thankfully we followed through!  around the corner, the place was packed!  a couple of ice, cold beers, an hours wait and some great food made for an amazing, bajan culture kind-of-day that was perfect!

fried red snapper and butter casava

check out martins bay on thursdays (seafood day) and get there early, like 11am!  and be island inspired!