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i want to align, define and refine - i want to give you a better idea of how i work and what i offer.  i am a photographer and i capture life.

yes, it is true, i capture weddings.  but i get picky when it comes to this type of event.  it has to be small, intimate and the bride has to be - how do i put this - laid back.  is that straight forward enough?  makes it sound like i am getting a bit bridzilla-ish doesn't it?  well, i have come to accept that this is me.  i like to capture candid moments and when i have a family of forty to gather and pose, i get a bit... stressed, and when i am stressed, i can't quite see those quiet moments.  weddings are a challenge for me, they stretch me and usually freak me out a bit.  weddings are unique and special.  an event, a moment in time that should always be remembered.  as i learn to create boundaries for myself, i look forward to capturing the time and presenting it to my clients in a unique and emotional way because it's always...
a beautiful thing...
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