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what month is it?

i started this post in march - it is now m.a.y.  that's just not right.

things i learned in march recently

  1. when you make the effort to blow dry your hair it makes people think you had a haircut
  2. it is difficult to find an extra 10 minutes to blow dry your hair in the morning (or anytime for that matter)
  3. pinterest is not going anywhere so maybe we need to educate : pin from the original source and always give credit - when we try/make/say something from pinterest, give credit where credit is due
  4. paying taxes hurts, physically
  5. knowing which path to choose, if you're on the right on or if to clear a completely new one is tricky
  6. i think it is official, i can't live without my iphone
  7. we always knew this but, we don't have cable for a reason, but we do love netflix
  8. choose joy every day

summer is really, just around the corner and i can't believe it - but i'm happy about it