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not enough of a weirdo

i listened to an interview the other day with a photographer i absolutely love and she talked about allowing yourself to be the weirdo you are and not being afraid to show the mess and struggles you have.  i totally got it, feel it and agree with showing the good, the bad and sometimes the ugly.  but being a weirdo - it was like 'oh, well that's the clincher for me.'

i have always felt normal, boring, vanilla.

i always hear about everyone just wanting to be normal and how it is ok to be different and i was like, huh?  i want to be different!  at university i signed up for as many art classes as my communication degree allowed and in every class i was the 'normal' student.  i never dyed my hair, never pierced weird places, and didn't smoke (anything) and i felt that my art lacked a certain depth.

apart from a few brief attempts at rebellion i still see myself as normal, plain.  i know i am unique, but just kind of feel 'ordinary' unique. 

so this makes me question - am i being a weirdo by feeling this way?  or is this what everyone feels therefore reinforcing my feelings of being not enough of a weirdo?

— taylor swift