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truth + january

i reluctantly started photographing weddings a few years ago.  i say reluctantly because it was one of those times when you know you need to step out the boat but you are scared with a capital s.  i am a people pleas-er.  can anyone relate?  i worry if people like me.  are they having a good time?  have they had enough of all these pictures?  am i in the way?  will they like their pictures?  oh me oh my, the list goes on.

weddings however had this one little detail that i could not resist - quietly capturing real emotion, connection and a very special time in one's life.  i love when people forget when i'm there.  no staging, no pretending.

so maybe that explains a bit about why i sometimes struggle with blogging!  who is reading this?  why?  why not?  does this sound familiar to anyone out there?  please let me know if it does!  after asking and answering my own questions i felt a nudge : just stop asking (and answering) and just, well, do.  so i decided to start looking back on 2016.  i know we haven't reached the end of the year yet, when looking back is the norm, but i'm not striving for 'the norm'.  in the busyness that has been january to july, i didn't 'sit quietly' with my work.  so now i am.

this wedding was january 2 - what a way to begin the year!  a beautiful couple on a beautiful day, oh and those eyes!