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a not so scheduled summary of thoughts and happenings


talk of pumpkin spice, changing colours and feelings of crispness floods my instagram feed and social media outlets at this time of year and i get this 'groundhog day' feeling that living in a tropical island brings.  yes, living in the warmth of tropical breezes and sunny skies is idyllic but there is something about change/variety - it makes us more appreciative i think.

the variations of couples, families, venues and traditions is something i love about weddings.

from near and far // beach, garden or church //  just the couple or the whole gang

i love to see the many differences - it makes me appreciate each couple and makes each one unique.  i say "i could write a book" after every wedding!  but i'll just stick to blogging!

joe + nicole came from far, they got married on a beach and then celebrated on a catamaran (fun!) and they had a great gang come along.

it was pretty much awesome!