sofie warren
island inspired


a not so scheduled summary of thoughts and happenings


life has been busy for a while now and i have been feeling overwhelmed and when i feel overwhelmed i get quiet.

it is easy to think that being a photographer is glamorous, i get to 'do what i love to do and get paid', i can set my own schedule and a lot of other great points but the truth is, i hate saying no (therefore never taking a break) and i am always worrying about what people think (do they like their pictures, are they happy, yada yada yada) and i am tired.

so after a whole lot of thought i have decided to take some time off.  i have been saying 'the summer' but honestly, i'm not sure...  i may pick up my camera in two weeks or maybe longer, i haven't decided.

i saw this quote and thought, 'what a great word'

to take a break outdoors to clear one’s head
— wiktionary

i think i'll do just that.  i know lots of people feel this way, any tips?