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september always feels like the 'new year' to me.  after a long summer, 'new' seems more abundant than on january first for some reason... new school, new term, new class, new teachers, new subjects, new school supplies...  sounds like i go to school or something!  no, i'm just a mum.  i am also one of those people who always wants to start something on 'a monday' or the first of blank month.

well i'm fighting that feeling - i was going to put this post off until 1 september... but i won't.

i took the summer off, kind of.  i say 'kind of' because i did do a few shoots but it really was a time of asking myself a lot of questions.  i have been struggling with something that many creatives struggle with.  my passion and love had turned into a job.  i was busy trying to meet client's expectations and needs over producing art.  as much as i enjoyed capturing various events and elements, something had shifted.

so during my summer of reflection, two major things happened: 1. after winning a downloadable workshop with the amazing photographer yan palmer, called teeth kiss, i questioned everything.  the workshop pointed to a youtube video by simon sinek about 'the golden circle'.  i started to realize my 'why' to photography was not lining up with what i was doing, and 2. i was at my youngest son's first running event and a friend said that she did not bring her big camera because she was sure i would have mine - i didn't!  i had stopped taking pictures of my friends and family with my 'big' camera, opting to just snap with my iphone instead.  this made me sad.  as great as the iphone is and convenient as it is to be able to snap pictures here and there, i had stopped making art of my family, of my memories.  i don't think my friend even realizes what this casual comment sparked, but it stirred something in me.

i had my why!

i am passionate about memories.  i have grown up with a mother that has always taken pictures, filling album after album with memories of crazy hairstyles and even crazier sunglasses and fashion, baby pictures and old boyfriends, friends and family and far away places we have traveled. 

that's where i started.  i wanted to capture memories.  the natural, the candid, un-posed.  i sometimes struggled when hired for family portraits.  i knew i was being paid to produce 'classic' family portraits but that's not what i was passionate about.  capturing the special times but also the mundane.  birthdays and days at home, beach days and play dates, graduations and first dates.  you can't have a professional photographer living in your back pocket (unless you're on reality tv or something).  so why not learn how to capture those memories, your own memories?

your why may change - we all change and grow.  but right now, my why is the importance of memories.

would you like to learn how to capture your memories?  because i would like to teach you.  i haven't figured out the how or where just yet, but if you are in barbados and would be interested, let's chat!

so it may be my son jamming to his tunes and washing the car on a hot summer day, or miss millie sitting on the couch.  i just know that i don't want to leave my 'good' camera at home because i don't feel like 'working'.  i want to capture my memories and i want people to capture theirs.

make memories, and make sure to capture them.

i was chasing meaning
and found surrender
i can tell you that
meaning follows surrender
— rebekah lyons