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a few posts ago i talked about september always feeling like the 'new year' and it certainly still does however, having school cancelled both monday + tuesday last week because of bad weather made it feel a bit like a false start .  so here were are again, monday morning, trying to make it a 'normal' week, so in the spirit of 'normal' i wanted to journal.

at the end of august i photographed ally + nick's wedding.  a beautiful couple in a beautiful setting surrounded by (of course) beautiful friends + family.

being a small island, it often happens that i know some, if not many, of the people at the weddings i photograph and this one was no different.  unfortunately, having this connection makes it even more difficult for me to keep it together during poignant times although, i'm pretty sure there was not a dry eye in the place during this father-of-the-bride speech.

as always, i hope the images captured will remind them of the love + support that surrounds them and wishing these two, love always xo