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photo meet-up : thoughts

with all of the technology at our fingertips these days it is easy to be inspired by people all over the world and to share whatever, whenever.  i follow people on instagram in england, canada, greece and of course, barbados just to name a few places, and as much as i am inspired and enjoy seeing and scrolling, i can't help feeling the need for something else.

some people may be wondering, 'what is this meet-up all about?' so i thought i would elaborate a little for those who are interested!  meet-up/meetup, defined as: an informal meeting or gathering.  i like casual, relaxed... informal, it is even how i describe my photography style.  my thoughts on this photo meet-up:


1. designated time : time is precious and if you are anything like me, you need to allocate a time to do/practise something.  photography is an art and i do believe that there are things that need to be practised if it is to become easier.

thefront (2).JPG

2. be inspired : i believe you can find beauty everywhere, sometimes you just need to look a bit closer, slow down, notice.  hearing what moves someone, what speaks to another, a reminder that we all hear and see things differently.


3. to learn : ask questions, try new techniques, practise!


4. to teach + encourage : i certainly do not know everything there is to know about photography but i am happy to share what i do know or you may have some tips or thoughts you would like to share with others.


i'm looking forward to getting together with other photography enthusiasts, i hope you are too!