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my why : developing


my why has been a big focus in my head and i keep wondering if i got my why wrong.  if you have thought about your why, have you felt the same way?  yes, i love capturing images that will one day be priceless memories, but i think of that more for myself.

so i'm revisiting my why.  i'm reading Simon Sinek's Find Your Why and already, in the forward, i'm highlighting : "Not only did discovering my WHY renew my passion, it gave me a filter to make better decisions.  It offered me a new lens through which I would see the world differently."  isn't it appropriate that it refers to elements of photography, 'filter' and 'lens'?

so if you're thinking about your why and trying to be intentional in your life, your actions and your decisions, let me know!  this journal is so i can document my journey, share the images i capture and a bit about myself - sometimes it feels a bit like an open 'dear diary' for everyone to read!  but if someone can relate and it maybe help someone along the way, great!  and if you ever feel like sharing, i love 'listening' too.