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june too soon

Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes but when you look back everything is different...
— C. S. Lewis

may and june are typically very busy months for me.  i started taking school pictures at the school my kids were at six years ago and every year since i get to have 430 plus kids give me some of their best toothless-crooked-perfect-smiles, roll their eyes or strike a pose.  every year i vow to be more organized than the one before.  i vow not to get overwhelmed and confused.  ha, what a laugh!

i really don't know how the last six months of 2018 have managed to whiz past me, but here we are, finishing up school pictures and anticipating summer in ways only the-teenage-boys-in-my-house can!

i started 2018 trying to be more intentional and in some ways i have been.  like the quote above, sometimes i feel as though i have changed nothing but now that things are starting to slow down again, i realize that there has been change in me.

as june comes to an end (which let's face it, by the time it's the middle of the month, it's pretty much over) i am really excited about some things coming to fruition.  february, march and april were rough, i won't lie, but i trust God and the process and i am thankful.

a fun painting with the amazing  julianne  was a recent highlight

a fun painting with the amazing julianne was a recent highlight