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island inspired


a not so scheduled summary of thoughts and happenings

island inspired ~ west indies

last year was a year of a little bit of this and a little bit of that. i had realized the year before in 2017 that i was feeling burnt out and had declared i was taking the summer off. well the summer came and went, then the christmas season came and went and i was still feeling this sense of being unfulfilled. i decided to let go of a lot of the things i thought i should be doing and decided to be still for a while and just listen. life is a journey, not a destination right.

so i decided to stop booking weddings, only take on a small number of family sessions and try to develop what comes naturally to me. the simple, the natural.


this year i feel more of a direction and a focus. i will be developing the island inspired imagery i love to capture and ways to keep and display those images. it’s a journey, i would love if you followed along.