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west coast ~ waters

every summer i make a mental checklist of all the wonderful things i’m going to do. i imagine early morning walks, time to exercise and getting some deep cleaning done at home. i visualize images that i’m going to be able to capture on leisurely walks and impromptu photo shoots that will ignite my creativity. however… every summer comes and goes in a crazy blur of keeping kids busy, trying to keep on top of wet swimsuits & beach towels that constantly need washing and feeding teenagers!

this summer hasn’t been much different. as the middle of summer quickly approached, i decided i needed to make time to play. i have known rhiannon for years and photographed her many times. when i heard she was in barbados for a short time, i gave her a call (who am i kidding, i don’t call anyone anymore, i messaged her). she knows my style, she knows my quiet approach.

i have been so inspired by the work of michelle gardella for years and i think there was a bit of fear of feeling like i was copying that held me back from stepping into the water with someone. but i also believe in art and inspiration and playing and creating. i’m not trying to recreate. a singer may repeat the words to someone else’s song but they sing for the joy of singing. thank you michelle for being an inspiration.