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perfectionism + pressing through

perfectionism : refusal to accept any standard short of perfection.

a word i would never usually associate with myself however, it has been popping up a lot recently for me. maybe it is because i decided to give myself a deadline, maybe because that’s what happens when summer gives you time to think?

but honestly, i have realized i do not like to do anything unless i know i am good at it. i don’t want to practice or to perfect, i don’t want to hone or try, try again. yikes!

photography has always been ‘easy’ for me, i consider it a gift, a God given talent. but even gifts and talents need effort, a measure of time given to it. if i look back at my photography path, i can see time after time where i tried something and thought ‘this is difficult, it is not for me.’ how many times should i have pressed through? how close was i to breaking through?

soon after i started sofie warren photography i added island inspired to my brand. i always loved it. i loved that it spoke of the island life i live and love. it speaks of the simple, natural, quiet style of my photography. the inspiration i get from living in barbados is always in my photographs: with families, at weddings, creative content. but a few years ago i decided i wanted to create fine art. << fine art : a visual art considered to have been created primarily for aesthetic purposes and meaningfulness >> and i wanted to design ways for people to surround themselves with this art and also their own art ~ their memories.

so i started designing and creating and then… things got hard.

thankfully i have been noticing and recognizing this philosophy of perfectionism in myself and i’m trying to fight it! there is a craft market in november with a space for island inspired ~ i’m pressing through…

mini block + print

mini block + print

wood hanger + print

wood hanger + print