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on one hand i love sunrises and on the other... well, i try not to think about them.  i try not to think about them because frankly, i find waking up for them hard.  but every time, and i mean, e.v.e.r.y. time, i am thankful that i made the effort.  so when asked to do a morning session, i said yes!  i knew it wouldn't disappoint.

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talk of pumpkin spice, changing colours and feelings of crispness floods my instagram feed and social media outlets at this time of year and i get this 'groundhog day' feeling that living in a tropical island brings.  yes, living in the warmth of tropical breezes and sunny skies is idyllic but there is something about change/variety - it makes us more appreciative i think.

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more than seven years ago i started taking pictures (well pictures for other people) and i had a plan - capture families naturally, capture whatever i found inspiring and document my family.  i tried this and that, discovered i loved some things, really didn't enjoy others, but always tried to keep an open mind.

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