sofie warren


captured in relaxed, natural settings

a powerful way to connect with your audience

when you need to tell your story...

everyone has a story and i love using images to do just that.  using imagery can be a powerful tool especially with facebook and instagram as today's strong advertising forces.  when you need to tell the world, or maybe just a few people, about you or what you have been up to, i can help capture your story or products in a natural, simple way.


Julianne gill

i spent some time with julianne in her studio.  she needed some imagery to connect with her clients, giving them a glimpse into her studio.  mixing paints and working on some pieces in progress, these images created a connection between her and her clients, current and potential.


Nathalie + brittany

an afternoon spent surrounded by nature in the lush farley hill, this mother daughter duo did what they do best, yoga poses and empowering each other.  nathalie and brittany needed imagery for their new venture offering yoga and meditation, classes and workshops.


drift ocean terrace

a selection of cool cocktails and delicious bar bites were photographed in natural light as the sun set.  with little fuss and a relaxed vibe these images were captured for this seaside lounge on the west coast of barbados.  used in print and on social media platforms to connect and attract clientele.